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Key Challenges

The main challenge the Town of Ahoskie faced with their old software was the lack of regular updates. Their previous software vendor was great at making changes to meet individual clients’ needs, but their outdated methods prevented them from being able to provide updates efficiently. As the software aged, and the software technicians who wrote it approached retirement, the future felt uncertain for the Town of Ahoskie. They decided to look for more efficient, user-friendly software that could offer them stability in the long run, and they found it with Black Mountain Software.

“The accounting part is super easy, and it’s easy for the auditors to take a look at also. Anything from running Excel spreadsheets to actually having them be able to log in.”

– Patricia Bradley, Finance Officer

Town of Ahoskie, NC

Town Size
4.4 square miles
Client Partnership
Since 2013
Accounting | Asset Manager | Budget Preparation | Cash Receipting | Mini HR | Payroll | Permitting | Purchase Orders | Remote Requisitions | Summit Service Orders | Utility Billing

Black Mountain Software Solution

Today, the Town of Ahoskie is taking full advantage of the time-saving solutions our integrated applications have to offer. The automated workflow from creating a requisition to turning it into a purchase order has improved communication between departments and freed up time to handle other important duties. “They just put it [the requisition] in and I shoot it back to them and everything’s great,” explained Finance Officer Patrica Bradley, “and then when I go in to do the claim, everything’s there – check it off – paid.”

“Everybody that I’ve talked to is super nice and easy to work with. They want to get the problem solved or they want to teach you and show you [via remote support]. A lot of times they’ll let the client drive so we can figure out where everything is.”

– Patricia Bradley, Finance Officer


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