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Our Solutions

Fund Accounting

Manage every aspect of your organization’s accounting, budgeting, and reporting needs with this fully integrated solution.
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Personnel Management

Serve the people who serve your community more efficiently with our Payroll and Human Resources solutions
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Utility Billing

Ensure accurate, on-time utility billing, payment collection, and more with this easy-to-learn solution.
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Community Involvement

Streamline your workflows with permitting, licensing, code enforcement, and other community development applications for busy local governments.
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County Tax, Assessment & Recording

Manage all of your county’s property tax needs with our convenient, integrated applications.
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We’d love to prepare a customized proposal for you!

Black Mountain’s pricing model depends on a few factors specific to your organization, so we’ll need to get in touch to give you accurate pricing info.  Simply fill out the form to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my demo?

We recognize that your schedule is packed and that evaluating new software requires careful consideration. Our aim is to respect your time by providing a focused and efficient product demo that highlights the features and solutions that matter most to you. Our product demo is not a one-size-fits-all presentation.

Before the demo, we’ll work closely with you to gain insights into your specific pain points, objectives, and requirements. Our ultimate goal is to empower you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about how our software can transform your operations.

How does Black Mountain pricing work?

We base pricing on population size and applications needed. There are no per-user fees, usage fees, or hidden fees.

How much does Black Mountain Cost?

It depends on the applications you need for your team and community. We offer over 30 applications but are focused on getting you a proposal that is uniquely tailored for your organization’s needs. We have a firm commitment to not sell you too much or too little. Get in touch and we’ll provide a breakdown of pricing for you.

How does support work?

Our client support is the best in the industry – when your staff calls, they will speak with a live Support Specialist dedicated to answering questions and providing solutions.

We provide unlimited support through our support center, email, and phone support.  We also provide free, unlimited online training, which includes monthly online and on-demand classes. Learn More

What does implementation, training, and data conversion cost?

All our price quotes include a full breakdown of costs related to implementation and data conversion. There are no hidden fees or undisclosed future charges. Initial and ongoing training is unlimited and free any time for all Black Mountain users.

How do you handle implementation and data conversion?

We will assign an experienced implementation team that is dedicated to you and your staff. Each implementation is unique, but at the onset we will work with you to configure an implementation plan and timeline.

Going through a complete data conversion can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Black Mountain Software has performed hundreds of data conversions from many different software vendors. We can convert from text files, Excel files, comma-delimited files, Comma Separated Values (CSV) files, Word files, etc. If you can send it to a report, we can capture and convert it. We will schedule data collection times with your staff, ask questions to be sure we have a clear understanding of your data, and go over information with you to ensure accuracy. During this time, it is critical that your staff be readily available to work closely with us.

Our implementation personnel would look forward to guiding your staff through the installation of the applications and training on the software.

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