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There’s a reason why so many of our customer testimonials include comments about the staff at Black Mountain Software: We hire exceptional people! We’re selective in our search process and hold high standards for our employees. As a result, you’re supported by experts who are passionate about your success.

Leadership Team

Head of Product

Blake Groves

As Head of Product, Blake and his team work across all areas of Black Mountain Software to make sure we continue to provide an outstanding product and overall experience. Blake has over 15 years of experience heading up product teams and has been focused exclusively on SaaS Technologies. He has worked at bootstrap startups, VC and PE backed firms and Fortune 500 public companies. Blake works to act as a bridge between client/market requirements and technology development. When he is not working to make sure BMS products are continuing to lead the way, Blake enjoys spending time with his family, visiting the Texas beaches, and road trips with his wife.

Director of Engineering

Brian Havlovick

As a Director of Engineering, Brian prides himself on team building for Black Mountain Software. He strives to find the best fit for everyone’s unique skills. Brian also plays a vital role in evaluating and evolving business processes to be efficient and meet the market expectations. When he is not concentrating on the Human Engineering at BMS, Brian enjoys multiple hobbies including, 3D Printing, ATV, DIY everything, and loves to coach!

Chief Technology Officer

Chris McGuiness

As Chief Technology Officer, Chris prides himself on 20+ years of designing and building technology systems and architectures for Black Mountain Software. He strives for excellence and does his best to ensure Black Mountain Software’s long-term technology plans keep up with the rapid pace of the constantly evolving technology industry. Chris also plays a vital role in leading a talented team engineers and developers in every aspect of technology management – from hardware maintenance and client support to software programming and product development. When he isn’t pushing BMS tech into the future, Chris has a long track record of helping out his community, volunteering as a tennis coach, firefighter, EMT, and even assisting local Search and Rescue.


Jack Liebschutz

Jack has been building accounting systems for Black Mountain Software since 1990. He is focused on creating the most user friendly, bug-free, full featured systems in the industry. He is one of Black Mountain Software’s founders. When he is not working, he enjoys being in a pool or doing yoga.

VP of Client Services

Jay Eggert

As Vice President of Client Services, Jay’s teams are responsible for all client-facing support of Black Mountain Software products, which include the Implementation, Customer Support, and Customer Success teams. Jay has over 20 years of experience in Project Management, Leadership, Technology, and SaaS Operations. He has measured success with startups, growth stage, and PE backed businesses. Jay strives to understand the unique needs of his customers and his teams are dedicated to helping BMS clients be successful. Previously, Jay has operated in similar roles at several successful SaaS companies. When he is not working to make sure BMS clients are well supported, Jay enjoys spending time with his family, watching Pittsburgh sports, and hanging out with friends.

VP of Finance

Joshua Edwards

As VP of Finance, Josh prides himself on a deep understanding of the financial and accounting aspects of Black Mountain Software and strives to always provide insightful, data-driven analyses. Josh also plays a vital role in the strategic direction of Black Mountain Software by bringing years of finance and accounting experience, having previously worked closely with state and local governmental clients in both cybersecurity tech and as an auditor. When he is not ensuring the financial success of BMS, Josh enjoys playing with his son at the park, traveling to far off countries, and just sitting at a brewery to enjoy a book.


Mike Fabrizio

As a Co-CEO, Mike takes pride in helping to maintain the great culture, reputation, and legacy that Black Mountain has built over the years. He strives to understand the various challenges facing BMS’s customers and how the company can better serve those needs. Mike is focused on making sure BMS has everything in place to continue to grow and serve local governments for years to come. When he is not helping Black Mountain Software navigate its next stage of growth, Mike enjoys running, fishing, golfing, and spending time with his wife and two young daughters.


Nate Quinn

As a Co-CEO, Nate is focused on helping Black Mountain Software run as smoothly as possible to ensure that it is well positioned to meet the needs of its customers. Having spent time with a number of world-class software companies prior to Black Mountain, Nate brings a unique set of perspectives and experiences to drive excellence across the business. When Nate isn’t helping build Black Mountain or chasing around his two young children with his wife, you can find him struggling around a golf course, out on the lake or the ski slopes or breathing underwater through a regulator.

Director of Professional Services

Randi Targerson

As Director of Support/Installations, Randi enjoys being part of a great team that supports great clients. With a wealth of experience in data conversions, installations, software development and support, Randi strives for efficiency and plays a vital role in ensuring BMS Support Specialists possess the knowledge they need to help clients streamline their workflows. When she’s not busy valiantly leading the Support team to glory, Randi can often be spotted with a tennis racket in her hand or getting back on the horse.

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