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We come from small cities and towns like yours and have hands-on experience in your roles.

We understand the financial-management requirements and requests you face each day and we know that they almost always involve a time crunch. Our solutions are designed for small- to medium-sized local governments like yours, so you can accomplish more in less time, with accuracy, efficiency, and way fewer headaches.

Right-Sized Solution for Your Local Government

Fund Accounting

Manage every aspect of your municipality’s accounting and budgeting needs. Fund Accounting is loaded with essential functions and features, such as general ledger, accounts payable, journal entries, cash bank reconciliation, and a wide range of compliant reports.
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Personnel Management

Serving the people who serve your community requires you to manage vast amounts of information, from onboarding and payroll to evaluations and retirement plans. Now, you can automate repetitive tasks to expedite your personnel management processes.
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Utility Billing

Accurate, on-time service is critical for municipalities and special districts that bill customers for water, sewer, garbage, and other utilities. Support new hires with software that’s easy to learn and automates customer information management, meter-readings, and billing.
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Community Involvement

From business licensing to code enforcement, cemetery management to property-tax assessment and collection, keeping your community running smoothly is a complex job. Cut lengthy to-do lists down to size with easy-to-use automation at your fingertips.
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County Tax, Assessment & Recording

Manage all of your county’s property-tax needs with our convenient, integrated applications. Effortlessly monitor and revise all your property-related data, from bill generation to delinquency reporting.
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All of our software solutions feature:

  • Automation of manual processes
  • Comprehensive, compliant reports
  • Reliable data security and 24/7 Cloud access
  • Knowledgeable and reliable client support every step of the way
  • Fully integrated applications for a streamlined, automated experience

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BMS has so many useful reports and I can rely on the support team to help me identify which report will give me the information I need.

Becki M. – Clerk, Minnesota

I truly feel like I am a better employee because of all the support I get from Black Mountain, Both from the help desk and from the programmers.

Tom A. – Accounting Tech, North Dakota

The conversion went really well - the whole thing, the training, the implementation. It all went really, really well.

Dana S. – Board Clerk / Account Manager, California

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