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Key Challenges

Prior to coming on board with Black Mountain Software, the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito & Vector Control District was using a command-based legacy software system originally built for the hotel industry. The 30-year-old technology just “didn’t do anything”, not even export data, so they put out an RFP in 2020. The RFP responses ranged from cheap, but too simple, to the other end of the extreme – really robust, really expensive, and frankly, overkill for their needs. BMS was just right, with solutions that are straightforward to use, flexible, robust, and yet easy to learn and reasonably priced.

“BMS was just that perfect middle place where it was robust enough for our needs. The price was right on and it was flexible. We could buy the modules we need now and add other modules later.”

– Dana Shigley, Management Aide


Marin/Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District, Cotati, CA

Residents Served
Service Area
2,300 square miles
Client Partnership
Since 2021
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Black Mountain Software Solution

The conversion, implementation, and training with BMS went “really well” according to management aide Dana Shigley. The special district had to start from scratch because their data was in such rough shape, but it went smoothly with the help of Black Mountain’s Implementation Specialists. “[The Black Mountain staff] was really helpful and answered all of my questions about how our new chart functions in the software”.

The ability to export data to Excel or PDF has been a big time-saver for Marin/Sonoma according to Shigley. “There are reports I want periodically that are not standard reports, but it’s so easy – I just export the data and do it in Excel.” From posting revenues in General Ledger to receipting checks in Accounts Receivable, the special district is thrilled that their day-to-day tasks are faster and smoother than before, and they know they can rely on BMS’ friendly Support Team to help if they have a problem.

“Someone always either answers the phone or gets right back to us, and they are always very friendly. It’s one of the first things I told our new employee – if you have a problem, call because they will help you.”

– Dana Shigley, Management Aide


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